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Synthetic Oils and Lubricants for Towing
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Towing Applications

Truck Towing, Hauling, Camping
Synthetics Lubricants for Towing Applications
AMSOIL Synthetic Gasoline Oils and Synthetic Diesel Oils provide excellent protection during heavy use and even abuse.

They reduce friction and wear better than conventional oils and withstand high-temperature breakdown to help prevent harmful deposits from forming while remaining fluid in sub-zero temperatures for easier cold starts and faster oil circulation.

The advanced lubricity also increases fuel economy.

Synthetic Diesel Oils for towing

AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluids protect your transmission better than conventional transmission fluids.

When you're running hard, towing or climbing hills, your transmission generates heat. If your transmission fluid can't handle the heat, its ability to protect against wear is compromised.

Extreme heat generated when towing and hauling destroys inferior transmission fluids and shortens transmission life. Heat is especially harmful in today’s smaller transmissions that hold less fluid but are required to direct increased power and torque.

AMSOIL Synthetic Transmission Fluids resist extreme heat to keep gears, bearings and seals protected in the toughest driving conditions.

Trucks for Landscaping and Construction

Too often Differentials are out of sight, out of mind. However, towing and heavy hauling focus intense pressure on the ring-and-pinion gears, inviting wear.

Intense heat causes gear lube to thin, reducing viscosity and further increasing heat in a cycle known as thermal runaway. Left unchecked, thermal runaway can shorten component life and lead to catastrophic failure.

AMSOIL Severe Gear® Synthetic Gear Lube delivers high film strength to protect against wear and outstanding heat resistance to guard against thermal runaway.

Extreme-pressure formulations guard against metal-to-metal contact for maximum wear control. Their synthetic chemistries reduce friction and drag for increased fuel efficiency while providing extended drain intervals for the convenience of longer-lasting fluids.

AMSOIL Severe Gear® Synthetic Gear Lube

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