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Synthetic Diesel Oils and Fluids for Hauling and Towing
Synthetic Diesel Oils for Over-the-Road Big Rigs
AMSOIL introduced the world's first Synthetic Motor oil for Diesel Engines in 1975 and dramatically redefined the performance and protection available to diesel owners.

Today, AMSOIL is the recognized leader in synthetic lubricant technology and offers a variety of exclusive synthetic diesel oil formulations, each tailored to meet the unique demands of modern, hard-working diesel engines.

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils neutralize acids, resist heat and control soot longer than conventional oils. Their premium synthetic chemistries allow motorists to safely extend drain intervals up to three times longer than OEM recommendations, saving money and time. Extended-drain savings can mount further when by-pass filtration and oil analysis are used.
AMSOIL Synthetic Oils, Fluids, Greases and Filters for Hauling and Towing

**Find the right Filter for your truck: Heavy Duty Truck Filter Lookup Guide**

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils' low coefficient of friction reduces friction-related energy loss, which increases fuel economy. When combining fuel savings and extended-drain savings, AMSOIL provides diesel owners a significant overall annual cost reduction.
Increase Fuel Economy in Diesel Trucking Applications
AMSOIL Lubricants for Big Rig Trucks

AMSOIL Filters and By-Pass Filtration Systems
AMSOIL Synthetic Automatic and Manual Transmission Fluid
Best AMSOIL Synthetic Gear Lubrication
The Best Synthetic Grease for Trucks
AMSOIL Brake Fluid for Trucking
AMSOIL Power Steering Fluid
Diesel Fuel Additives for Tractor TrailerTrucks
SEMI-TRAILER Trucks Antifreeze and Egine Coolant
Oil Pumps, Funnels, Oil Filter Wrench
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