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Synthetic Lubricants for Modified Vehicles, Tuner Cars, Racing and Off-Roading.
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Modified Vehicles

                                           Import Tuners                                       

"The Fast and the Furious" lubricants, fluids, oils and filters
Synthetic Oils for Fast Sport Cars, Tuners, Off-Road Racing and Hot Rods
Car modifying has been popular among youths in the US, especially in Southern California, since the days of hot rods in the 1950s and 1960s. The import racing scene or tuner scene refers to the American subculture that revolves around modifying imported brand cars, especially those of Japanese brands.

Select Synthetic Lubricants for TunersAn “Import Tuner can be considered with modifications as basic as intake and exhaust, installation of aftermarket turbocharger or supercharger kits, or as extreme as custom fabricated cross vehicle engine swaps.

What makes them “tuners” comes from the old concept of a “tune up”. Instead of adjusting carburetors, and distributors, computers are used to tune air and fuel ratio to maximize the modification and engines performance.

Another trait associated with Import Tuners is the link between them, their owners and various forms of street racing, as is portrayed in “The Fast and the Furious” movies and the “Need for Speed” video games. Making the most out of every liter of oil is crucial when you're tuning for speed.

By combining industry-premier synthetic technology with premium additives, AMSOIL Synthetic Import Tuner Oils are engineered to extract every bit of performance from your engine while protecting expensive components.

The tuner community consists of a broad spectrum of vehicles, but the whole community can benefit from AMSOIL lubricants as long as you’re in “tune” with the vehicle’s needs. No matter how you dress it up on the outside. Your car needs top-quality synthetics on the inside to ensure maximum performance.

AMSOIL Advanced Synthetic Motor Oils and Synthetic Racing Oils are formulated to deliver maximum horsepower and cooler engine temperatures in high-performance and racing engines, resulting in longer-lasting equipment. They are race-proven to withstand the devastating effects of intense power and heat of high-rpm driving, exceeding the higher performance demands of modern engines. (See also:
Racing Oils for Fast and Furious Drivers

                                             Euro Tuners                                         

Oils and Lubricants for Sports Cars and Trucks
AMSOIL Lubricants, Fluids, Oils and filters for performance cars
European performance and styling define a culture of exceptional engineering. AMSOIL matches that devotion to precision by engineering oil that exceeds the demands of your European vehicle.
When excellence is required, you need AMSOIL Products.

AMSOIL European Car Formula Synthetic Oil delivers long-lasting performance and protection in gasoline and diesel European cars, letting you confidently take advantage of the maximum extended drain intervals recommended by European automakers today. Not only does AMSOIL European Car Formula deliver the value of extended drains, it helps save on maintenance due to its outstanding wear protection and all-season performance.
AMSOIL LUBRICANTS forThe Fast and the Furious movies
AMSOIL European Car Formula Motor Oil is formulated for optimum fuel economy, helping save on gas, and advanced turbocharger protection, helping reduce maintenance costs. Low-, Mid- and Full-SAPS (Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulfur) formulations are available for optimum emissions system performance.

* New for 2015 *

For 2015, AMSOIL has expanded its European Car Formula line to include a Full-SAPS SAE 0W-40 viscosity.

Featuring the same premium synthetic formulation and recommended for the same specifications as European Car Formula 5W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor OilEuropean Car Formula 0W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil provides European vehicle customers with a different viscosity option.
Racing Oils, Fluids and filters for European Vehicles

                             Classic Vehicles & Hot Rods                            

Hot Rod and Sports car fluids and oils
Select Synthetic Oils and Filters for Vintage Vehicles
AMSOIL delivers synthetic lubricants specially designed to provide maximum horsepower. With unique, high-end formulations and proprietary rust and corrosion protection, AMSOIL provides the precision performance your Classic Car or Hot Rod deserves.

AMSOIL Z-ROD™ Synthetic Motor Oil is specially engineered for classic high-performance vehicles and Hot Rods. It features a high-zinc formulation to prevent wear on flat-tappet camshafts, lifters, rockers and other critical engine components, along with a proprietary blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors for added protection during long-term storage.
Vintage Vehicle fluids
AMSOIL Premium Protection Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated to provide superior protection and performance in a wide variety of demanding applications.

Its unique combination of synthetic base stocks and a superior additive package results in a formulation that exceeds the requirements of most gasoline or diesel applications. It offers multi-functionality and wear-protection, and is ideal for applications where the extra protection of higher-viscosity oil is desired.
Modified Vehicle Lubricants
There's a reason they’re called Hot Rods. These legendary cars had horsepower to spare, and styling to accompany it. It's only right to pair them with lubricants designed to help you put all that power on the pavement.

Nobody knows the hours you've poured into your Hot Rod, but everybody can see the results of your passion.

All that time and energy put into one vehicle deserves nothing less than the premium protection and performance provided by AMSOIL Hot Rod Lubricants.
AMSOIL Z-Rod Oils for Classic Vehicles
AMSOIL Z-ROD™ Synthetic Motor Oil and Premium Protection Synthetic Motor Oil provide lubricants with advanced additive packages specially designed to protect flat-tappet cams and fight corrosion in stored vehicles.

AMSOIL delivers the peace of mind you need to put your passion on the road with complete confidence that it’s protected.

(Find the right filter for your classic car: Vintage Vehicle Filter Lookup Guide)
Lubricants for Car Shows

                                Late-Model Muscle Cars                                

Sports Cars and Racing car oils
AMSOIL Oils for Dodge Chargers
Horsepower is not as simple as it used to be, but it’s as exciting as ever. Advances in engine technology demand oil that’s designed to handle the power you are producing.

AMSOIL Advanced Synthetic Motor Oils are engineered for the higher performance demands of modern engines. They are designed to outperform competitive conventional and synthetic motor oils for long-lasting performance and protection.

Signature Series is our top-tier synthetic oil. Signature Series Motor Oils are formulated to exceed the higher performance requirements of high-powered sports cars, providing peace of mind that your engine is well-protected, even in severe driving conditions.

* New for 2015 *

For 2015, AMSOIL has expanded our Signature Series line by adding two new viscosity grades, SAE 5W-50 and 0W-40.

*AMSOIL SAE 5W-50 Synthetic Oil is formulated specifically for high-horsepower Ford Mustang engines. It withstands the stress of high horsepower and heat to provide outstanding wear protection and is excellent for all Mustang engines calling for 5W-50 viscosity grade oil.

*AMSOIL SAE 0W-40 Synthetic Oil is formulated specifically for high-horsepower Chrysler and Nissan engines calling for 0W-40 viscosity grade oil.

Combining sports styling and muscle with options that appeal to the mass market, the Ford Mustang is widely considered an American classic.
The powerful Ford Mustang Car
Introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1964, the Ford Mustang became an instant sensation. The high-performance car quickly grabbed the attention of motorists everywhere and shattered sales records.
The Mustang celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014, and it continues to maintain its popularity and appeal.

Muscle cars ruled the American landscape in the 1960s and ‘70s, and many of those signature models, such as the Dodge Challenger and Charger, are now available in faster, more powerful designs.

In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to find production models that top 600 horsepower and 600 pound-feet (lb-ft) of torque. In fact, the 2015 Challenger Hellcat is the fastest production muscle car of all time, kicking out 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. AMSOIL sets the bar high when it comes to legendary performance.
Muscle Cars Fluids, Greases, Filters and Oils

                                  Modified 4x4 Trucks                                    

Select Synthetics Lubes, Greases and filters
Oils and Fluids for 4x4 Trucks
A true 4x4 truck gives you the power to go where you want to go. When you switch from daily driving to serious off-road adventure, protection is critical to ensure you’re not getting towed home.
Suspention Fluid for a 4x4 with a Suspension Lift
AMSOIL Advanced Synthetic Motor Oils protect 4x4s from front to back. The proprietary technology and top-quality chemistry found exclusively in AMSOIL synthetic lubricants provide world-class protection for hard-working engines, transmissions and differentials.

Jeep AMSOIL Select Synthetic OilsAMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils are designed to withstand the punishment doled out by diesel engines. They provide excellent protection during heavy use and even abuse. They reduce friction and wear better than conventional oils, helping hard-working diesel engines perform better and last longer.

They withstand high-temperature breakdown to help prevent harmful deposits from forming while remaining fluid in sub-zero temperatures for easier cold starts and faster circulation compared to conventional oils. The advanced lubricity also increases fuel economy.

Diesel Motors Oil, lubes and Greases
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