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Snowmachines on Synthetic Oils and Fluids
Two-stroke snowmobiles are meant to be ridden hard. Repeatedly pushing a machine to wide-open throttle during all-day, aggressive riding, however, takes its toll on the engine.

AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil is specifically designed for maximum performance in all makes of two-stroke snowmobiles, including Ski-Doo®, Polaris® and Arctic Cat®. It is compatible with other two-cycle oils and replaces manufacturer-branded oils.

AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil is purpose-built for outstanding film strength and lubricity. It is engineered with carefully selected, higher-viscosity synthetic base oils to withstand the high heat and pressure common to high-performance and racing applications. DOMINATOR's anti-friction chemistry is race-proven to provide an extra measure of protection against piston scuffing and bearing wear.

AMSOIL 2-Stroke Oils meet the increased demands of today’s sophisticated two-stroke snowmobiles, helping you get the most out of your sled. It is engineered to be pushed as hard as the sleds it protects, helping enthusiasts spend more time riding and less performing maintenance.

Ski-doo Snowmobile Racing
AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Power Sports Synthetic Motor Oil is specially formulated for snowmobiles and other powersports applications. Its broad viscosity range and wax-free formulation make it excellent for use in both hot and cold temperature extremes. Formula 4-Stroke® Power Sports Oil is an extreme-temperature lubricant that provides outstanding performance in high-performance engines.

Formula 4-Stroke® is wet clutch compatible and contains no friction modifiers, making it ideal for both two- and four-stroke transmissions. It is formulated with high levels of anti-wear additives that provide excellent protection for pistons, bearings and gears in transmission containing units. Its shear stable, SAE 0W-40 viscosity delivers a thick lubricating film for an extra margin of protection in hard-working engines.

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Power Sports Oil’s balanced formulation delivers peace of mind that your sled is well-protected no matter how tough the riding conditions.
Racing a Snowmobile though a snowy trail

Snowmobile Racing

With several riders among our ranks, the year's first snowfall thrills us as much as it does you. Our commitment to the sport goes further than weekend rides, though. We proudly lend our name to AMSOIL Championship Snocross and the AMSOIL Eagle River World Championship Snowmobile Derby, helping bring exciting and competitive snowmobile racing to fans across America.
World Championship Snowmobile Derby
The high-flying, bar-to-bar action of AMSOIL Championship Snocross draws tens of thousands of spectators, while the AMSOIL Eagle River Snowmobile Derby marks the epicenter of snowmobile racing for die-hard fans everywhere. Our support of snowmobiling helps promote the sport and helps ensure a strong future, both on the race track and the trail.

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