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AMSOIL Oils, Fluids and Filters for Vintage Vehicles and Classic Cars
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Classic Cars

Vintage Vehicles and Hot Rod Lubricants
AMSOIL Z-Rod Full Synthetic Oil for Classic Cars and Vintage Vehicles
AMSOIL Classic Car Lubricants are specially designed to provide maximum horsepower. With unique, high-end formulations and proprietary rust and corrosion protection, AMSOIL Lubricants provide the precision performance your Classic Car or Hot Rod deserves.

AMSOIL Z-ROD™ Synthetic Motor Oil is specially engineered for classic high-performance vehicles and Hot Rods. It features a high-zinc formulation to prevent wear on flat-tappet camshafts, lifters, rockers and other critical engine components, along with a proprietary blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors for added protection during long-term storage.

Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil is designed to perform on the street and protect during storage.
Classic Hot- Rod
There's a reason they’re called Hot Rods. These legendary cars had horsepower to spare, and styling to accompany it. It's only right to pair them with lubricants designed to help you put all that power on the pavement.

Nobody knows the hours you've poured into your Hot Rod, but everybody can see the results of your passion. All that time and energy put into one vehicle deserves nothing less than the premium protection and performance provided by AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.
Hot-Rod sports cars
AMSOIL Premium Protection Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to provide superior protection and performance in a wide variety of demanding applications.

Its unique combination of synthetic base stocks and a superior additive package results in a formulation that exceeds the requirements of most gasoline or diesel applications. It offers multi-functionality and wear-protection, and is ideal for applications where the extra protection of higher-viscosity oil is desired.
Classic Road Show
AMSOIL Z-ROD™ Synthetic Motor Oil and Premium Protection Synthetic Motor Oil provide lubricants with advanced additive packages specially designed to protect flat-tappet cams and fight corrosion in stored vehicles. AMSOIL delivers the peace of mind you need to put your passion on the road with complete confidence that it’s protected.

(Find the right Filter for your classic car: Vintage Vehicle Filter Lookup Guide)

Premium Protection Synthetic Motor Oil

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