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A safe, highly effective alternative to chemical fertilizers

In today's environmentally conscious society, AGGRAND offers a safe and cost-effective line of natural liquid fertilizers.

The products are convenient and free of harmful chemicals; making AGGRAND the ideal choice for farmers, homeowners, commercial growers, lawn care and turf professionals seeking natural products with proven performance.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer

Benefits of Using AGGRAND Natural Fertilizer

  • Potential cost savings per acre compared with chemical fertilizers

  • Feeds the natural soil biology to improve soil conditions and nutrient availability

  • Natural and organic formulations reduce environmental and safety concerns associated with conventional fertilizer

Feeds the natural soil biology

Fertilize Organically with AGGRAND

AGGRAND offers a complete line of natural-based products and provides an alternative to the potentially harmful chemical fertilizers on the market. Being natural and organically based products, AGGRAND is an environmentally responsible choice.

AGGRAND fertilizers promote maintaining and building the soil by encouraging microbial growth and the breakdown of nutrients for plants. Their small particle size and liquid formulations also allow for rapid uptake when applied directly to leaves (foliar feeding).

In addition, AGGRAND products contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as primary macronutrients; and calcium, magnesium and sulfur as secondary macronutrients, all of which are the major drivers for plant growth and development:

  • Nitrogen is a component in all proteins that dictates the function of the plant cell. Nitrogen deficiency results in plants with stunted growth.

  • Phosphorus is needed to convert light energy to chemical energy. It is essential for plant growth, flower and seed production.

  • Potassium regulates stomata activity for gas exchange, reduces water loss and increases drought tolerance.

  • Calcium regulates nutrients entering the plant and activation of plant enzymes.

  • Magnesium is an important component of chlorophyll where photosynthesis takes place.

  • Sulfur is important in the composition of the chloroplasts, amino acids and vitamins.

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are a safe and effective alternative

AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers are a safe and effective alternative

AGGRAND conducts ongoing research and testing to ensure only the highest-quality natural ingredients are used in the formulation of AGGRAND fertilizers. Formulations are developed, tested and adjusted to provide products that can offer optimum fertility for each plant type.

Growers are recognizing the importance of environmental responsibility as they tend to their gardens, lawns and crops. They also recognize their homes, businesses and farms will be judged according to the appearance of their gardens, landscapes and fields.

AGGRAND natural fertilizers offer the perfect solution – natural-based products that deliver outstanding results.

the highest-quality natural ingredients


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Natural Liquid Fertilizers
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Learning Center

 Watch informational and educational Videos featuring AGGRAND products and technical experts.

AGGRAND news reports

Read Testimonials from the AGGRAND NEWS.

AGGRAND Frequently Asked Questions

List of AGGRAND’s 13 Distribution Centers – 2 in Canada and 11 in the United States

This brochure discusses why organic fertilizers outperform chemical fertilizers.

This brochure discusses the benefits of AGGRAND Fish Emulsion-Based Fertilizer over Fish Hydrolysate-Based Fertilizers.

While both forms provide acceptable performance, emulsion-based fertilizers are more concentrated and uniform than hydrolysate-based fertilizers and deliver optimum performance.
This TSB provides the recommended Shelf Life and Proper Storage of AGGRAND Natural Fertilizers.

Commercial Applications natural Liquid Fertilizers
Residential Applications Natural Liquid Fertilizers


This is an easy-to-use guide that contains information and growing tips for using AGGRAND in houseplant applications.

Learn how to apply and combine AGGRAND fertilizer products for outstanding results in gardening applications.

Consult the AGGRAND Lawn Care Guide to learn the best treatment rates for yard applications.
Crop Guide  (PDF)

Learn the correct application rates and methods to get the most out of any crop with AGGRAND fertilizers.

Good general-purpose Growing Guides for those who are new to organic fertilizers.

Foliar feeding can be a great way to fertilize leafy plants.
This guide covers AGGRAND treatment rates and application tips for this technique.

Hay and pasture applications require special treatment and fertilizer application techniques.
Learn what AGGRAND has to offer with this informative guide.

Use the AGGRAND soil fertility guide to determine your best growing conditions.

Learn more about creating a sustainable cropping system for farms by using to AGGRAND natural fertilizers.

Learn product application tips from the experts at AGGRAND.

Natural Liquid Fertilizers


This study compared the performance of AGGRAND natural fertilizers with the performance of a leading inorganic fertilizer when applied to garden vegetables in raised planting beds.

Each bed included four garden vegetables: sweet corn, potatoes, tomatoes and bush green beans.

Plots fertilized with AGGRAND natural fertilizers outperformed the plots fertilized with the leading inorganic fertilizer and the control plots where no fertilizer, only water, was applied.

This year’s program featured yield comparisons between a plot fertilized with AGGRAND fertilizers and soil amendments, a plot fertilized with a leading organic fertilizer, and an unfertilized control plot.

The organic fertilizer manufacturer’s recommendations were followed. Four common garden vegetables — tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli and carrots — were grown and compared for size, weight, total number and total weight.

The AGGRAND fertilizer program, as in 2010, produced greater yields when compared to the plot fertilized with a leading organic fertilizer.

This year’s program featured yield comparisons of a plot using AGGRAND fertilizers and soil amendments and a plot using a fish/kelp based organic fertilizer.

The organic fertilizer was applied according to the company’s application guidelines on the product label and the manufacturer’s website.

A control plot that received only water was planted between the competitive and AGGRAND plots. This control plot was watered whenever the other plots received fertilizer. The plots were planted with three common garden vegetables — tomatoes, lettuce and snap peas — and were evaluated for total weight and number.

The AGGRAND fertilizer program produced greater yields of tomatoes, lettuce and snap peas when compared to the plots fertilized with the leading organic fertilizer.

This year’s study evaluated sweet-corn and green-bean yield.

The AGGRAND fertilization system significantly outperformed a leading competitive Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listed product.

In addition, soil nutrient levels and respiration continued to improve in the AGGRAND growth plot.

This year’s study evaluated tomato and onion growth, development and yield.

During the 2014 growing season, the AGGRAND fertilization system significantly outperformed a popular, salt-based chemical fertilizer designed for homeowners.

In addition, overall soil nutrient levels and microbial respiration showed improvement over the plot fertilized with the competitive fertilizer.

Natural Liquid Fertilizers

Preferred Customer Program - Purchase at Wholesale Cost

AGGRAND Preferred Customers purchase AGGRAND products at wholesale cost, without the responsibilities of owning a Dealership.

Preferred Customer memberships are recommended for people who are not necessarily interested in the business opportunity, but want the lowest possible prices on the best natural fertilizers for their agricultural needs.

Preferred Customers pay the same low prices for AGGRAND products that AGGRAND Dealers pay. Fifteen dollars gets you a six-month trial Preferred Customer membership; thirty dollars gets you a full one-year membership.

Here is what Preferred Customers get:

  • Preferred Customers buy AGGRAND products at wholesale prices.  If you buy $100 of AGGRAND products a year, a Preferred Customer membership saves you money!

  • The best way to order the Preferred Customer membership is in our Online Store by adding it to your cart. You will get an immediate discount on your current product order. You can also register by calling 1-800-777-7094 (mention referral # 5256323).

  • Preferred Customer memberships may be renewed indefinitely for only $30/year.

  • Preferred Customers can change their status to an AGGRAND Dealership at any time.

  • Preferred Customers receive an information kit on AGGRAND and AMSOIL products, an Air and Oil Filter Application Guide, AGGRAND NEWS and the monthly AMSOIL product, racing and application magazine, the AMSOIL Magazine.

  • After purchasing the Preferred Customer program in our store, we will enter you in our records as a Preferred Customer. After one business day the new Preferred Customer prices will automatically be displayed in the store when you log-in.

Opportunity to Sell AGGRAND - Become a Dealer

The increasing demand for sustainable fertilizers, along with USDA NOP compliance of certain AGGRAND products, opens many opportunities for AGGRAND Dealers.

Recognizing the increasing marketplace demand for sustainable and organic products, AGGRAND Dealers can demonstrate the environmental benefits and potential cost savings realized by those who use AGGRAND natural fertilizers instead of chemical fertilizers.

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